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Retirement Game-Changers is the single best collection of actionable advice I’ve read on retirement. Steve Vernon’s brilliance is apparent in his ability to take retirement subjects that are typically communicated with mind-numbing complexity and drill the critical points down to something easy to understand.”

Allan Roth, AARP Money contributor and author of How A Second Grader Beats Wall Street

Retirement Game-Changers will help you navigate what could be the most fulfilling—or the most challenging—years of your life. In an engaging, thoughtful way, Steve Vernon offers detailed, practical advice on how to set realistic goals and achieve financial security, but he gives equal weight to your ‘social portfolio’ and how lifestyle decisions can shape a joyful, productive and comfortable retirement. Vernon’s ‘action steps’ that wrap up each chapter are worth the price of admission alone—and the retirement tips from his dog are priceless.”

Rick Smith, former Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek

Retirement Game-Changers is a terrific resource to help older workers make critical decisions to maximize the vast array of new opportunities brought about by the longevity revolution.”

Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., author of A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement, and Success

Steve Vernon knocks it out of the park with his new book, Retirement Game-Changers. His detailed research and positive approach make the daunting notion of navigating the challenges many boomers will tackle in the years ahead, well, manageable. He guides you through simple strategies to help you face the fear of outliving savings and worries about an uncertain economy, paying for medical bills, and finding ways to continue to work in some fashion as a pillar of a retirement plan. But this is far more than a book about your wealth. Steve also offers rich advice on ways to boost your health and well-being that will give you the confidence to navigate the next chapter of your life with a smart plan and a can-do spirit.”

Kerry Hannon, New York Times columnist and Great Jobs for Everyone 50+

Steve Vernon is back, and he’s done it again, better than ever! As always, he gets retirement planning right: putting your money in service to your life, not the other way around. I’ve studied Social Security for 41 years, but I learn still more in five minutes from Steve’s fresh viewpoint

Andy Landis, author of Social Security: The Inside Story

This comprehensive guide is packed with expert insights, real-life stories, practical tips, pitfalls to avoid, and helpful resources. Retirement Game-Changers is a book I will use to plan my own retirement.”

Catherine Collinson, CEO and President of Transamerica Institute and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, and Executive Director of Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement

Longer life expectancies are in so many ways a ‘good news’ story. But many retirees are reasonably concerned about outliving their money. Retirement Game-Changers provides concrete strategies for financial stability and sustainability in retirement. The book also weaves in valuable perspectives on other aspects of retirement wellness. It’s an all-too-rare guide to living well in retirement that’s truly holistic.”

Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar, and author of 30 Minute Money Solutions

Retirement Game-Changers is a must-read for those wanting to create a comprehensive plan for their future. It’s about money and much more. This unique book helps individuals get ready to plan the rest of their lives, integrating the financial and important non-financial considerations of the retirement experience. It’s a winner!”

Helen Dennis, columnist, author and lecturer on aging and the new retirement, co-author of Project Renewment: The First Retirement Model for Career Women

Retirement Game-Changers provides essential information and a wealth of resources to help older workers (or their children) navigate the financial, health and social aging systems. Steve Vernon’s practical guide offers a positive path to a longer life, and both women and men will benefit from his guidance.”

M. Cindy Hounsell, President, Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement

In Retirement Game-Changers, tackles a critical planning issue facing many Americans—their rising and unknown longevity. The sections on retirement income and Social Security alone are worth the price of admission, but there’s so much more. There’s no one better equipped to help people navigate these challenges than Steve Vernon.”

Mark Miller, Reuters columnist, author of Jolt: Stories of Trauma and Transformation

This book is a game-changer for anyone seeking advice to plan for retirement. Steve Vernon offers practical and sensible advice on everything from investing for retirement to choosing the best place to live, with plenty of helpful hints along the way.”

Richard Eisenberg, Managing Editor, Nextavenue.org

Steve Vernon has an uncanny ability to distill the best practices from complex research about retirement income planning into practical and usable advice for those seeking to position their assets for better retirement outcomes. His new book includes unbiased coverage of various retirement income tools, as well as further insights on the non-financial aspects of enjoying a successful and productive retirement.”

Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, Professor of Retirement Income at The American College and Founder of RetirementResearcher.com

Retirement Game-Changers is a great book for people thinking about their own retirement and for people who are helping parents and friends. Steve Vernon is a practical, down-to-earth writer, who brings expertise from his years of consulting for employee benefit plans, retirement education and personal experience. I recommend that people start using it about 10 years before retirement age.”

Anna M. Rappaport, FSA, MAAA, Past-President of Society of Actuaries, internationally known retirement expert and phased retiree

Steve Vernon’s easy-to-read Retirement Game-Changers provides wisdom about the many ways retirees and pre-retirees can make smart choices about money, health and social engagement to build the retirement you want.”

Kathy Kristof, Editor of SideHusl.com

As the only canine to ever break the species barrier and receive a crystal plaque from the Consumers’ Research Council of America as one of America’s Top Financial Planners, I know great financial advice and this book offers it cover to cover. Finally, a book that offers common sense advice from your dog that will be invaluable. A two paws up rating wasn’t enough so I rolled on my back to give it a four paws up (and get a belly rub). I would encourage all my fellow dogs to get their humans to read this book. The sooner they can retire the sooner they can spend more time with you.”

Max Tailwag’er, Allan Roth’s dachshund puppy

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