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We help your
employees and members make
smart choices
about retirement.

Our education programs are win-win!

  • You’ll help employees with important financial and life planning, and many surveys show that they need this help.
  • It’s a good business decision since it helps you retain and motivate an older workforce.
  • The messages dovetail nicely with other communication efforts you may have for health/wellness programs and for better appreciation of your benefits programs.
  • We provide practical information and strategies that work for most Americans, and we go the extra mile by motivating and inspiring people to make important changes in their lives.

We help your employees and members avoid the most common mistakes and answer the hardest and most important questions regarding finances, health, and lifestyle.  This replaces their fear and anxiety with confidence and hope for the future.  It’s simply the right thing to do for your hard-working employees and members.

All we provide is education.  We don’t sell investments, insurance, or health products, and we aren’t financial advisors to individuals.  You can be assured that we aren’t trolling for clients at our presentations and workshops.

We work with employers, union groups, nonprofit organizations, and associations to educate their employees and members about retirement. Our rest-of-life campaigns can include:

  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Retirement fairs
  • Webinars
  • Teleconferences
  • Bulk purchases of our DVDs and books
  • Email and print newsletters
  • Posters in the workplace

Many campaigns are organized around our latest books Retirement Game-Changers, Money for Life, or the DVD/workbook package The Quest: For Long Life, Health and Prosperity. Possibilities include:

  • Distributing Retirement Game-Changers, Money for Life, or The Quest to interested employees, so they can use them at home on their own time, and share it with their spouses and families
  • Customized versions of Retirement Game-Changers, Money for Life, The Quest DVD or its accompanying Action Guide, reflecting the features of your retirement plans
  • Pre-release communications to generate interest, including posters in the workplace
  • Structured follow-up activities, such as teleconferences, web casts, newsletters, and in-person workshops, to help employees further their understanding and answer their questions

The Quest DVD/workbook package is a cost-effective alternative or complement to traditional retirement seminars.

Rest-of-Life Communications has a rich history of guiding employers and their employees through the choices, challenges, and opportunities of working and retirement in the second half of life.  Read our testimonials, view our client list, and contact us now for more information on our services and events.

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